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Brine Injectors

Promarks vac MSK Series Brine Injectors

Promarks vac Corporation manufactures a complete line of Brine Injectors from Promarks vac value priced MSK-16 brine injector to Promarks vac impressive MSK-198 brine injector. All of Promarks vac brine injectors feature all stainless steel housings and high quality European brine pumps.

Promarks vac MSK-16 brine injector features simple to use analog controls and a composite conveyor belt for product movement. Promarks vac MSK-16 brine injector needle force on this unit is supplied by a time tested spring system.

Promarks vac MSK-32 brine injectors through Promarks vac MSK-56 brine injectors offer an advanced PLC control system as well as a sturdy all stainless steel walking beam system for product movement through the unit. These units also feature an air pressure controlled needle head system. This system allows for processing both boneless as well as bone in product with a simple adjustment in the air pressure settings instead of changing out head springs. These units also feature unique air powered needle cleaning fixture.

Promarks vac MSK-98 brine injectors and Promarks vac MSK-198 brine injectors boast a robust hydraulic power system that handles both needle head movement as well as driving the product feed conveyor. These units share the same advanced PLC control system and needle cleaning fixture as Promarks vac MSK-32 brine injector and MSK-56 brine injector.

If your processing operation includes brine injection you owe it to yourself to take a look at the Promarks vac MSK Series brine injectors. We think you will agree that they represent the best overall value to be found in the industry.