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Quick Overview:

  • Standard Features:

  • Simple adjustment of pre-press and desired product feed, assures accurate food shaping. The large product tray enhances easy loading of the fill chamber.

  • The cutting process begins immediately upon closing the slider.

  • View port on cutting chamber enables operator to make instant corrections during cutting process.

  • Efficient design of cutting chamber enables diced product to evacuate cutting area quickly and safely.

  • Operation panel with selection switch for single or double knife operation.




Our dicer can easily be used in hotel restaurants, small to medium processors, to meet their food shaping needs quickly and efficiently. Fresh, cooked and tempered meat, poultry, fish, cheese and vegetables are easy to cube, stripe or slice. Can be used for stew meat, fajita, salad, and pizza toppings. Will meet the production goals from the butcher shop to the medium processor and will be cost effective using less manpower due to being a multi-purpose dicer.


  • Machine weight
  • 628lb lbs. /285 kg