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Ergonomic Hand Sealer

Quick Overview:

  • Standard Features:

  • Seal Type: Single Element

  • Seal Head: Fixed Connection

  • Control System: Variable Range Analog Timers

  • Construction: 

  • Options:

  • Seal Width: Up to 1/2”/12mm

  • Seal Type: Bi-Active

  • Voltage: 220V/1Ph/60Hz




The Promarks Ergonomic Hand Held Impulse Sealer with standard feature including stainless steel housing and seal wand frame. Each sealer is pneumatically operated and only requires the operator to push a button in order to trigger the seal cycle. The sealer is available in a T-clamp style in widths of 8", 12", and 15" and as a scissor sealer in lengths of 6" and 10".


  • Seal Length: 6”/200mm
  • Seal Width: 1/4”/6mm
  • Voltage: 110V/1PH/60HZ