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Medical Vacuum Sealer

Quick Overview:

  • Standard Features:

  • Six process recipes and password protected

  • Dual retracting nozzles

  • PLC Switch

  • Standard calibration ports

  • Options:

  • Digital Low or High Pressure Control

  • 16-color LCD TouchScreen

  • Inject Ozone

  • Water Cool Seal Bars

  • Other Corrosive Gas Packages

  • Spare parts kit

  • RS-232 port




In today’s market can compare in form or function to the unique features than the Promarks Medical Vacuum Sealer. We offer on this PLC/touch screen driven unit. Of paramount importance, this vacuum sealer contains our trademarked PRECISE SEAL process, which assures the highest level of temperature control currently available on any medical sealing apparatus. Unlike other conventional microprocessors, the PLC turns on power to the heating element by calculating the rise time of the electrical power on every 1/2 cycle and turns off by itself when it reaches zero (zero cross). We guarantee accuracy to set point at +/- 1 degree F. This is only the beginning of some of the features and benefits available with this new technology.