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Model TC-420F Vacuum Chamber

Quick Overview:

  • Standard Features:

  • PD-01 Basic Digital Control Panel

  • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Clear See-Through Lid

  • Bladder Activated Sealing

  • Busch RB0021 Vacuum Pump

  • Electric Cut-Off Seal Bar

  • Options:

  • PNC-01 Microprocessor Control

  • 6mm Seal Wire

  • Soft Air

  • Bi-Active Seal

  • Air Assist Sealing

  • Gas Flush System

  • Twin Beam Sealing




  • The Promarks TC series of vacuum chamber machines were designed with the user in mind. The ideal solution for small processors, retailers, restaurants, and laboratories, these items are affordable enough to be purchased simply as a backup while maintaining superior quality that one can rely on during years of heavy use. Primarily used for preserving fresh meats, vacuum packaging has been found to be beneficial in other industries such as pharmaceuticals and electronics, so Promarks products are finding their way into all sorts of industries.

    All of our chamber machines are constructed of a high-quality # 304 stainless steel that results in our machines looking better longer. With the option of basic digital or fully programmable controls, you can decide what will best suit your needs. The removable seal bars can be fitted with your choice of a single 6mm wide seal or opt for a thinner seal with hot wire cut-off, if that is your preference.

    Busch vacuum pumps are the standard in our industry and are standard in all TC, SC and DC vacuum chamber sealing machines.

    All Promarks machines are produced to the highest standards. All Promarks TC, SC and DC Series vacuum chamber sealing machines have been tested by an international test lab and meet UL, CSA and NSF standards and are so labeled.


  • Chamber Size
  • 19.8 x 19.2 (505 x 490mm)
  • Chamber Depth 
  • 9.1/230mm
  • Distance Between Seal Bars
  • 15/380mm
  • Seal Bar Length
  • 17.7/450mm
  • Vacuum Pump Capacity
  • 20m3/h (1-1/4hp/0.75kw)
  • Voltage
  • 110V/1PH/60HZ/15AMP
  • Machine Weight
  • 119 lbs. / 54 kg
  • Machine size - L x W x H
  • 20 x 22 x 21 (520x550x535mm)