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RS-455 Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Quick Overview:

           Standard Features

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Stainless steel loading area

  • Hinged dies for fast die change

  • All stainless steel chain with Delrin chain guides

  • PLC / HMI control system with large 10" screen

  • Quick compressed air foorming

  • Servo drive film transport chain

  • Mechanical die lifting stations with air rams

  • Busch RA063 vacuum pump

  • Digital vacuum monitoring for fast troubleshooting and calibration for medical packaging

  • Vacuum calibration ports for audits and medical packaging

          Optional Features

  • Unloading conveyor system

  • Printing system

  • Larger vacuum pump

  • Booster pump

  • Remote diagnostics

  • CIP for the transport chain




Promarksvac'c model RS-455 thermoforming packaging machine offers an indexing range from 320mm to 540mm and web widths up to 520mm. It can process both flexible and semi-ridgid fill with thickneses up to 14mil and can provide forming depths up to 120mm. Most of our standard features are options on competative machines.

The RS-455 can accommodate a wide range of products from liquids and powders to marinated and whole muscle product as well as non-food products. With a wide range of availble option the RS-455 can be configured for fully vaidatable operation for packaging medical and pharmacuetical products.






OUTPUT                                                         6 - 10 Cycles / Minute                          POWER SUPPLY                             220V/3PH/60HZ

COMPRESSED AIR SUPPLY                        5 CFM / 120 PSI                                  COOLING WATER SUPPLY            .25 GPM

PACKAGING SHAPE                                      Rectangler                                           FORMING FILM TYPE                     Flexible / Rigid to 0.3mm

FORMING FILM WIDTH                                  320MM - 520MM                                 FORMING DEPTH                           Max. 120mm

CUT OFF LENGTH                                          Max. 520MM                                       DIE CHANGE METHOD                   Manual

FORMING SYSTEM                                        Vacuum Generator                              LOADING AREA                               2 X Cut off (1 Ful and 2 halves)

All Specifications are subject to change without notice