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SS-65 Piston Stuffer

Quick Overview:

  • Standard Features:

  • Hands-free operation through use of conveniently located knee lever to control stuffing action

  • Adjustable speed and pressure

  • Assortment of three straight horns in 10mm, 17mm and 48mm sizes provides product versatility

  • Easily removable piston and lid gaskets for quick and easy cleaning

  • Drain hole in bottom of cylinder for easy washdown

  • Design that makes oil changes easy, plus replaceable oil filters




This portable stainless steel, hydraulically-driven, 65-lb. capacity piston stuffer, features hands-free operation, variable speed piston, and easy loading, stuffing and cleaning.


  • Barrel Capacity
  • 30 liters
  • Stuffing Tube Included
  • 3 Sets
  • Stuffing Tube Diameters (I.D.)
  • Ø48mm, Ø17mm, Ø10mm
  • Motor Horsepower
  • 2HP
  • Voltage
  • 220V/1PH/50-60HZ/15AMP
  • Machine Size - H x W x D
  • 53.34 x 21 x 30.31 (1355x534x770mm)
  • Machine Weight
  • 452 lbs. / 205 kg