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What Is The Best Packaging Solution For Food Products?

Food packaging has come a long way from being something used to cover and carry food only to something that is used for a number of reasons and causes. Traditionally, the food and catering industry uses plastic and paper that come in the form of food boxes and cartons used to pack, store and transport food items.

Businesses and food industries are focusing on lessening their carbon footprint and increasing sustainability that does not only contribute in the wellbeing of the environment but also help in decreasing the negative effects of plastic and other non-degradable material. Therefore, the question that many of us may be asking is that which packaging material is best for food products and environment alike.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the key alternatives to plastic, which is engineered to last long and keep its shape and properties, and other packaging material that adds up to earth’s carbon and waste content.

Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Unlike the usual plastic that we all know about, biodegradable plastic is designed to mingle with the earth’s compounds and fuse with it after some time. Bio-friendly plastic is made with natural materials like cornstarch and petrochemicals that are designed to breakdown more easily and quickly than the traditional plastic.

Biodegradable Paper Packaging

After plastic, paper is the most commonly used packaging material. It is more green and eco-friendly than plastic but, it is also one of the biggest contributors of global waste. Therefore, businesses are moving towards creative means of downsizing the waste by using paper packaging made from material, which is easy to breakdown, compostable and made from pulp paper.

Eco-Friendly Glass Packaging

A highly popular material in the recycling world, glass is known to be extremely versatile and easy to work with as the bottles could be used repeatedly. However, to make the process more economical and green, businesses are using bottles of much lighter weight so that it will contribute less in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Ecological Aluminium Packaging

Besides being strong and durable, aluminium is a hundred percent recyclable packaging material. Unlike plastic and paper, that goes waste after single or several uses, aluminium is one such material that could be used several times and recycled afterwards into new stuff. Companies are working towards offering cash incentives to the consumers that encourage recycling by giving used cans for the purpose.

Innovative Packaging

Besides all the degradable and sustainable packaging solutions, an innovative packaging option is a new entree that offers new opportunities to safeguard our environment. It replaces a lot of single use items like plastic cups, spoons, straws etc. with more green options. A company in China uses innovative paper that could be planted afterwards and turned into trees and plants. Similarly, straws made from sugar and agar, bowls made from mushroom and other creative material is on its way to be a part of mainstream food industry.

The best packaging solution is the one that fits your industry needs and leaves as little waste as possible and posses less danger to the environment while still preserving the food quality.

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