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Chamber vs. Nozzle Sealer: Which one is right for you?

It is important to choose the right vacuum sealer as it can get your product from factory to customers faster and fresher. Among the many choices of vacuum sealers available, one of the more confusing one is between chamber-style sealer and a nozzle style sealer. Both the Nozzle type vacuum Sealer and Chamber type vacuum Sealer are able to Seal a package with and have similar effects, however each sealer type will offer a unique blend of advantages to the production line. Let’s have a look at their differences below:

Chamber Type Vacuum Sealer:

A Chamber Type Sealer can vacuum a higher percentage of oxygen from a bag, roughly down to 0.02%. Hence, they should be used with products which are extremely oxygen sensitive. Almost no operator involvement is necessary once the lid has been closed. The biggest difference between a Chamber Sealer and a Nozzle Sealer is the way the vacuum pressure is applied to the bag. In a Nozzle Sealer the change in pressure occurs on the inside of the bag. In a Chamber Sealer the change in pressure occurs on the inside of the chamber, which means the pressure changes on the inside and outside of the bag at the same time. It takes around 20 seconds to vacuum and seal one bag.


  • Greater oxygen vacuuming capability.
  • Bigger seal bar (or bars) will allow the operator to vacuum seal multiple pouches simultaneously.
  • Vacuum and sealing cycle is completely automatic.
  • Options for percentage vacuum will allow for partial vacuum.
  • It has built-in compressor.


  • More expensive than a nozzle type sealer
  • Chamber type sealer is slower in speed
  • Heavier and more difficult to move if you have multiple production areas

Nozzle Type Sealer:

Also called a snorkel sealer, these machines have one of the fastest vacuuming times. They’re widely used for packaging different solid food products. Pneumatic cylinders open the machine’s jaws, the nozzle is moved and the operator pushes the nozzle in the bag. Nest the cycle is started manually, and after completion, the nozzle retracts. It takes approximately ten seconds to completely vacuum and seal one bag.


  • Controls in the machine are very easy and programmable.
  • The machine can be used as just a sealer, if the user wants to cut and seal custom bag sizes.
  • It can vacuum seal any size of bag even those which are larger than the jaws, by sealing a portion of bag at first and then vacuuming the rest.


  • Number of bags per cycle is rather limited. However, Promarksvacs’ large machines can handle up to 6 bags at once.
  • Since the machine is manual, operator will have to hold and adjust pouches every time.
  • They normally need separate compressor to be connected all the time.
  • The machine cannot handle powdered solids, as they get stuck in the nozzles.
  • If the bag is filled exceeding a certain limit, the nozzle may come in contact with product and might damage it.

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