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All Electric Vacuum Sealers vs. Pneumatic vacuum sealers

All Electric Vacuum Sealers:

Also called digital vacuum sealers, these all-electric nozzle type vacuum sealers are excellent machines for medical and clean room use. Contrary to the pneumatic sealing machines, which are driven by an external source, electric sealers have no need for an air compressor. As the name suggests, self contained electric sealers only require a power socket, all the rest is packed inside the machine itself. As all electric versions of the sealers don’t need a compressor, these motor based sealers makes less noise than other types of sealers especially the pneumatic type sealers available in market. Lastly, with digital control, you achieve uniform, repeatable results at the touch of your fingertips.


  • Nozzle type vacuum sealer sucks out air directly from a bag
  • Excellent for medical and clean room application
  • The compressor is built-in so all you need is an electrical outlet, no need for bulky external compressor
  • Stainless steel body
  • Uses quality reliable parts for long life with low maintenance cost
  • Clean room Compatible
  • No noise from an air compressor.
  • Quick and easy bag sealing.
  • Foot-pedal with most modals ensures simple, hands-free operation
  • Options for percentage vacuum allow for partial vacuum (ideal for making an object immobile)

Pneumatic Vacuum Sealers:

These sealers holds the ability to handle wide range of products, with added controls for gas flush and safety features such as an emergency stop. These machines have a small foot print and require a power source and an air source to work. Operators can easily program separate vacuum and gas flush settings via the touch panel settings and save it as recipes for future reference. Production is extremely easy as all the operator has to do is to choose the required recipe and start sealing. A simple press of a pedal is all it takes to operate these retractable nozzle vacuum sealers. While the end result is a tight, highly reliable vacuum package in mere seconds.


  • Small Footprint (as small as 27” x 11” x 12”) and easy set-up (just electrical power and air source needed to work).
  • They can be programmed easily via a touch pad. Settings for gas flush etc can be saved for future use.
  • They feature a powerful vacuum which greatly reduces vacuuming time. In some machines operator can stop vacuuming in mid process and start sealing cycle if needed for better handling delicate items. This setting ensures such items will not be crushed during packaging.
  • Emergency stop switch is a part of sealer as added safety.
  • They are easy to clean and best for clean room settings, as well as food packaging.
  • Low pressure close safety system.
  • Many custom options available with each model of Promarksvac pneumatic vacuum sealers.

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