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Why Choose a Roll Stock Machine

There are many reasons why a business that incorporates vacuum packaging as part of their process may choose to move up to a roll stock vacuum thermoforming machine. Three of the most important are labor savings, material savings, and the professional look this type of packaging provides.

Labor Savings

The cost of paying an employee for their time is on the rise worldwide and will soon surpass $ 20.00 per hour in some parts of the USA. These rising rates as well as vacations, sick leave and HR issues make automation of as many tasks as possible the order of the day and automation of the vacuum packaging process is what vacuum roll stock machines are all about. These machines take a packaging process that would require two to three workers using other types of vacuum packaging machines and turn it into a process that requires only one employee to supervise the process and keep the line running smoothly and one well trained individual can supervise several roll stock machines at the same time. In the most basic roll stock operation the lower section of the package is formed at the front end of the unit that section of the package then enters a filling station area were the product is filled. Next the package enters the sealing die were the vacuum is pulled and an upper film is introduced that seals the package. In the final step the multiple packages are separated into individual packages by means of an automatic cutting and trimming system. In conclusion more output with less labor involved.

Material Savings

While most other methods of vacuum packaging food products involve either pre-made vacuum pouches or pre-made trays rollstock machines as their name implies use two rolls of flat film, one of the least expensive types of barrier material for vacuum packaging. The bottom layer of film is most commonly a type of forming film as it is used to form the bottom part of the package, the part that has depth to it. The other layer, the top layer is a sealing layer. Use of these rolls of flat film help keep the cost per package to a minimum versus pre-made bags or trays.

The Professional Look
Roll stock machines are used to package products supplied by some of the biggest and most well know names in the food industry and thus the roll stock style package has become recognized as a mark of both quality and sophistication. Many smaller less known companies want to relay the perception of quality and sophistication in their products so packaging with the same type of machinery used by the “Big Boys” means packaging with a vacuum roll stock machine.

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