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How does a Heat Sealer works?

heat sealing machine is a type of sealer which uses heat as a medium of sealing materials. It works by generating a high current impulse to the heater ribbon on surface of the device. This produces a wave of heat strong enough to melt and seal up the bag or sheet pressed between the sealing bars. Heat sealers can be used to join or seal together not just similar materials, but different materials as well as long as they have a thermoplastic layer. Once the sealing bar is heated to enough degrees of temperature, material is melted and joins together like a zip liner bag. This is commonly used to seal bags and even plastic coat different things to preserve them from effects of decay.

Uses of heat sealers:

Heat sealers are used in a number of industries hence they vary in size and system too. They are used in food packaging, manufacturing, construction and even medical industries. They can even be used to efficiently seal up liquid inside a plastic bag.

Benefits of heat sealers:

  • They are quite easy and quick to use. Just put the ends of sealing bag under sealing bar and press it down for a few seconds. The sealing bar gets heated up almost instantly hence no warm up time is needed.
  • If you are going for impulse sealer, an added benefit is that they do not drain power constantly and only goats down electricity during sealing, if the system is left idle, very little or almost no electricity is consumed, making them very energy efficient.
  • Since modern day sealers do not require their components to be blazing hot all the time, the risk for accidental burns and injuries is minimized.
  • The sealing frames are made out of aluminum which helps in the cooling process of packaging material used. In traditional sealers, fusion and cooling used to take place while the packaging film was shrinking which often produced uneven seals. Modern day sealers on other hand produce a neat, dependable, accurate and clean seal.
  • In case of liquids like oils and sauces it is absolute must that the sealing is done properly or else the liquid would spill out. Heat sealers of today make sure that whatever is sealed stays inside the package in an air tight state at all cost. This lowers the risks of spillage as well as makes the transportation of packets easier.
  • Heat sealing packages gives the consumer satisfaction of mind that the product sealed inside is safe and not contaminated or tempered with, neither is it any less then the quantity mentioned on package due to gaps in uneven sealing.

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