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Custom Heat Seal Bags For Food

Heat seal bags are a good option for food packaging, spices, items like cheese slices and thick pastes like ketchup and mayonnaise. These bags provide protection against moisture, oxygen and UV light, have been tested for quality standards and are exclusively made up of heat seal-able substance.

Customizing your Heat Sealing Bags For Food

After taking care of packaging, there is just one more thing a company needs to take care of before shipping it out to stores, branding. Packages specially food packaging industry needs to custom print their sealing bags, as often specific instruction is needed for the consumer on how to properly enjoy the piece of food. It is also abided by the law in many countries to print product description, composition weight, and manufacturing and expiry date etc on each sachet, especially for edible goods. This is where custom printing steps in. Companies can custom print their sealing bags with all the legitimate information required by the law along with company’s name and logo in the most appealing way.

Types of heat seal bags

Standard Flat Heat Seal bags: These are one of the most common types of bags used for food packaging. These bags are transparent on one or both sides, so you can place contents inside to display for everyone. They are ideal for flat contents such as bunch of papers or thick products such as bread slices etc.

Laminated Heavy Duty: Made of a stronger material than the standard one, they are crimped sealed on bottom and have a center weld at the back. These bags are good for biscuits, wax candles and any other three dimensional product.

Metalized Flat pouches: These are good options for products such as coffee powder, powdered spices, food supplements etc. These bags provide protection against Ultra Violet rays, moisture and oxygen. They also have tear notch option at both ends of a bag. They are food safe and an ideal solution for packing pre-set portions of food.

Which heat seal bag to go for?

The most feasible bag for your company depends upon the type of product you plan on producing and packaging. There are three things you need to decide before you finalize your choice:

Bag type: How strong of a seal do you need? You just need a packaging option or have to consider blocking moisture as well? You can choose from crystal clear, laminated, clear front solid back, Metalized or compo-stable bags.

Printing Type: Depends heavily on how much budget you have, you can go for single color, multi-color, full CMYK, matte, metallic or holographic printing.

Sealing type and shape: This can include tear notches at one of both ends of bag, child resistant closure, DOY pouch, sprout and hang holes or handles.

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