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Roll Stock for Packaging Medical Devices

Flexible packaging is a big hit these days and almost every industry is using it in one way or the other. There are many variants of bags and pouches used for flexible packaging and it all starts with a simple Roll Stock. A Roll stock is a thin film of plastic that, when undergoes a Roll Stock Packaging machine, is nicely formed into pouches and bags for sealing products up such as biscuits in a bakery to packaging electronic equipment’s in a factory.

Why use Roll Stock?

A core benefit of using Roll Stock is that they can be specifically designed to match the chemical properties of the product it is meant to seal. This means the pouch can be modified to counter pH, sensitivity to light, UV Rays, moisture or oxygen as well as the physical tensile strength required for the packaging. These benefits give Roll Stock an upper hand which is hard to beat by any other form of packaging method available in market.

Roll stock in medicine:

Due to the fact that Roll stock is highly adaptive of its products’ chemical properties, it becomes an excellent means to wrap up medical equipment and medicines alike. Medical equipments such as diagnostics equipments like X-rays or MRIs and therapeutic equipment like pumps and lasers need to be packed in a sterile and contamination free environment, hence, they are undergone a Roll Stock Packaging machine to get the job done. Medicines which are marketed in form of little sachets are also packed in similar way to keep the contents away from any possible contamination or chemical reaction.

Advantages of using Roll Stock for medical equipment:

Using Roll Stock offer the following benefits for packaging medical equipment:

  1. They are cost effective as bags are formed from a Roll Stock film within the machine on stop hence less waste is generated and more accurate pouching is done.
  2. While bags are being formed in the Roll Stock machine, special fitments can be included to the outside seal of the bag to block any oxygen from entering and messing with the contents of the bag.
  3. It is faster to produce packaging using Roll stock then trying to fill and seal prefabricate pouches.
  4. Roll stock can be printed with latest graphical designs and printing technology, it can range from a single expiry date to a multicolor HD printed logo and a elongated description of product.
  5. The best fit ability of Roll stock is that it is one of the materials that can easily undergo aseptic processing. This means it can be given a peroxide bath and viola. One finely sterile bag is ready for storing sensitive content.

Types of Roll Stock:

There are many variants available in market such as shatter less packages, fully transparent or tinted packaging, peel able or direct seal applications and last but not the least, barrier film packs for gas barrier needs. The choice depends upon the level of sterilization required by the product.

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