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How to use Table Top Vacuum Tumbler?

A table top vacuum tumbler is a tool you can use to create value added marinated delights. It takes a short amount of time to prepare a ready-to-cook meat or poultry batch by adding meat product and marinade to the tumbler. The tumbler distributes the marinade spice mix throughout the massaged tenderized product so that the end result is a juicy avalanche of flavor.  A vacuum tumble is mainly used to squeeze air out of the tumbler drum and forcefully inject the marinade into the food. These mechanical flavor enhancers are used by butchers and chefs alike to maximize the quality and taste of their products.

How do Vacuum Tumbler Machines work?

The food to be tumbled or massaged is placed inside the drum of the machine with a liquid marinade, and then the air is removed by drawing a vacuum (a process that usually takes a few minutes). Once a vacuum is achieved, the drum starts rotating and the food undergoes different pressures for a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the nature of food product. As the meat expands in vacuum, marinade is able to penetrate tissues much deeper and distribute the flavor more uniformly.

How to operate a vacuum tumbler?

The first thing to check is the maximum load your tumbler can handle. Weigh the meat before putting it into the drum to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum allowed load. It’s better if you go through your ingredients instructions for putting in accurate amounts of marinade and water. Next step is to place marinade, meat and water in the tumbler drum. After that place lid on drum and attach vacuum hose or vice versa. Start the vacuum pump and keep an eye on vacuum gauge, an optimum reading between 15 and 20 inches Hg is what you should opt for. Once a vacuum is achieved inside the drum, turn off the pump and close valve on lid (you don’t need to disconnect pump from the lid). Lastly adjust the rotation speed, total time for tumbling, directional tumbler time, pause time and start the tumbling process. Once the tumbler has stopped, turn it off, attach vacuum hose to the lid to allow air to enter drum. Open the drum lid and remove the product and marinade from tumbler.

Where to buy a vacuum Tumbler?

Many vacuum tumbler manufacturers are out there, selling their products, and just like us, they too focus on quality work in best possible cost, typically vacuum tumbler price starts from about $ 4000. However, for an easy to use, economic and adjustable to your needs product, you should choose one of our Promax Vacuum Tumbler variants.

Types of Promax Tumblers:

There are basically two lines of product, one without any vacuum snorkel inside the drum and the other with vacuum snorkel inside, (non-continuous vacuum system and continuous vacuum system). Promarks Vac takes pride in being a company that offers innovative design and totally dependable range of both types of products.

Why you need to have a vacuum tumbler?

  • Reduced labor cost
  • Improved product quality
  • Production control
  • Reduced supply cost
  • Enhanced consistency of products

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