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Importance and Benefits of Roll Stock machines

It has been quite sometime since the first time the world of packaging was introduced to Roll Stock machines. Ever since then, Roll Stock machines have widely been used by production and packaging industry globally to make containers of various shapes and sizes for sealing and transporting their products. Some thermoforming solutions also use vacuum forming for forging specific shapes and sizes containers as per the clients’ requirements.

The end results of a Roll Stock machine include many forms of packaging, such as bags and several styles of pouches. Experiences with RS machines show that using them produces one of the most flexible forms of packaging bags. Roll stock can be of various sorts, as it is designed specilly according to the chemical properties of the product to be sealed inside (e.g., acidic or basic), the product sensitivity to oxygen, moisture or light, and the physical strength required by the package. There are several factors that you will have to consider for deciding benefits of vacuum Roll Stock machines. Let’s have a look at few of them below:

Lower cost of operation:

Having a roll stock machine can greatly minimize the cost for packaging your finished goods as the specific mechanism of the roll stock (form container, fill it with product and seal it up) makes the container stay in line and creates less waste than any other method for packaging (depends on the volume of packaging though).

Labor-less operation:

As the machines are fully automated, there is no need to hire labor for managing or moving goods between the different steps of roll stock process.

Low investment required:

Having a roll stock machine can be a cheaper investment (about 30% cheaper), as compared to buying and setting up any other form of molding machinery, for example setting up an injection molding plant.

Oxygen free environment:

Different fitments can be added to the outside of a container being forged from roll stock to help in blocking any oxygen from reaching the contents inside.

Faster speed:

A roll stock machine can produce way more packages in a minute than the number of containers than can be manually filled and sealed using a number of labors.

Superior graphic reproduction:

For branding one’s products more accurately, roll stock machine can be upgraded with printing capabilities with vivid colors and sharp clarity, in order to market the product more efficiently.

Antibacterial packaging:

When products have to be well preserved from bacterial, roll stock machines are perfect for such tasks as the rolling films can be passed through a peroxide bath before being forged to attain sterilization easily. Sterilizing a preformed container on other hand can’t always guarantee 100% results, as sometimes sterling agent can’t get into the corner of the containers very well.

Wide range of packaging:

As food and its forms of presentation are rapidly increasing, similarly range of pack types and materials are also on a hike. Promarksvac’s RS machine can reliably and efficiently meet all your needs for innovative packing ideas.

High strength and longer shelf life:

Lastly, containers crafted through roll stock are proven to be much more durable, strong and irrepressible to the harming effects of elements. They can excellently store all sorts of products and can provide effective protection to the contents.

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