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Industrial and medical packaging applications

Packaging industry has been around for many decades, and it has been growing ever since. It has many sub categories; however, food industry has been the most popular application of it. Packaged product can be stored and transported for prolonged periods of time as well as can be protected from environment, oxygen or moisture. Vacuum packaging is one of the most favored types of food packaging which is available in many types such as single chamber, double chamber, nozzle type and belt type vacuum sealers. Promarksvacs manufactures all these types of vacuum packaging machines and more, however, for now we are going to focus entirely on ones related to industrial (large scale) applications.

Double Chamber vacuum Packaging machine:

These types of sealers can be use for medium to high volumes of packaging, with automatic lids which roll from one side to another, speeding up the sealing process. These machines are usually best for meat, dairy, confectionery and canned products. Promarksvac manufactures a wide range of such machines, which are available in different chamber sizes such as DC-640 and DC-900 VACUUM CHAMBER. These machines have flat chambers for easy cleaning, wide seals, excellent quality vacuum pumps and automatic lids with safety systems. Many custom options are also available.

Continuous Rolling Vacuum packing machine:

These types of machines has chain reverse working with high automation program which enhances work efficiency, speed and ensures uniform packaging and sealing with reduced labor requirements. This type of machine best suited for mass production of small-pouch packaging of food products. Promarksvacs offers two models of such type CV-1000 and CV-1200 with water cooling seal bar.

Roll stock Thermoforming packaging machine:

Promarksvac offers a powerful machine (RS-455 THERMOFORMING) that can be configured to bulk package a wide range of products from liquids to marinated products, raw meat as well as non food items. It is a machine which uses a thin film of material and by using heat, melts and molds it into your desired shape and size, then places the product and seals it tight. It is perfect for large scale production in industries. It includes hinged dies so die changing becomes faster, quick compressed air forming, a powerful vacuum pump and digital vacuum monitoring functionality for medicinal packaging. This machine is also ideal for blister packaging of various drugs.

Medical Vacuum chamber:

Promarksvacs have carefully designed a special type of vacuum sealer that is best suited for pharmaceutical packaging. It is a unique one of a kind type of contraption which gives you a maximum control over precise levels of vacuuming. It has an in-built PLC/HMI system which allows you to control vacuum draw in HG inches or according to time. Once all the parameters are set, packages are placed inside the vacuum chamber with their to-be-sealed ends placed across seal bars. Once the lid is closed by operator, within 15-25 seconds the machines vacuum packs the product. It has bladder activated sealing with and air assisted sealing, along with a water resistant electrical box. Optional features such as gas flush, top and bottom seal or lid height can be chosen time of purchase to customize this machine for any sealing needs.

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