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Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Vacuum Nozzle
  • Solid State Timers
  • 220 Volts/1Ph/60HZ
  • Custom Options Available


  • Gas Flush
  • Self-Contained Compressed Air System
  • Bi-Active Seal
  • Gas Flush
  • 20″ or 30″ Seal Models

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Promarks’ HDCH Heavy Duty Constant Heat Sealer is an ideal for laboratory testing of thermoplastic and laminated materials. Each unit is available with a bar sealer, heat platen or machined tooling for contour shapes. Standard features include pressure regulator and gauge, a variable timer, digital temperature control and a low-pressure safety descent. All construction is heavy duty for high-pressure sealing applications. Powder coat finish makes the HDCH clean room compatible. 110 or 220 Volt is available.