Tray Sealer & MAP Packaging Machines

Tray Sealer & MAP Packaging Machines

Promarks VT109

The Promarks VT series of tray sealers are an ideal solution for a variety of packaging needs. The VT109 is available in either a dual-cup or single-tray configuration. Perfect for creating a tamper-proof seal over salads, soups, grated cheeses, precooked meals, sauces, and endless other possibilities. The VT 109 solves all types of sanitation and storage problems for a large number of items sold every day.This machine is simple to operate as well; simply load your cup or tray, press start, and in less than three seconds you will have a clean, airtight seal.

Features:Sensor (for Printed Films) or Counter Film IndexingTemperature Controlled HeatingSimple Push Button OperationAir Pressure Controlled SealingSeal up to 10 Cycles Per MinuteAdjustable Film AdvancementAuto Lift Tray Plate for Easy Product RemovalCompact Table Top Design

Promarks VT400-570

The Promarks VT400 and VT570 are modified atmosphere tray sealers that are designed for small- to medium-sized operations. By pulling a vacuum and inserting a pure gas mixture the optimal shelf life can be reached for a wide range of products. Capable of accepting a variety of trays of all shapes and sizes, our machines can be built for your specific tray and film configurations. Vacuum, gas, and seal times can all be easily adjusted via the fully programmable digital control board. For added reliability we only use Busch USA vacuum pumps on all of our modified atmosphere tray sealers.

Features:Heavy gauge stainless steel constructionSemi-automatic operationAutomatic film advance and cutting systemProgrammable water resistant control panel (IP56)Printed film registration systemBusch USA vacuum pumpInternal gas holding tankAuto tray lift system for easy removalFilm tensioner