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Brine injecting is a process that adds both weight and in many cases flavor to meat, poultry, fish and other food products by the process of injecting a brine solution into the product. This can be done using a brine injection machine that can be as simple as a small portable brine pump connected to what looks like a large hypodermic needle to very large machines that have a head or multiple heads filled with injection needles. These type of brine injectors range from smaller units with 16 to 20 needle heads that are very adequate for single market’s meat processing operation to very large units with multiple heads and hundreds of needles. The basic process is the same no matter the size of the machine.

  • The product is placed on an infeed conveyor and moved under the injection head
  • The needles in the head enter the product as in moves through the machine.
  • Brine is pumped from a container through the needles into the product
  • The needles retract from the product as the head move upward.
  • The conveyor or walking beam moves the product toward the exit of the machine.

The basic steps shown above are accomplished by different methods depending on the model of brine injector you chose. As is the case with most food processing applications the choice of machine is usually based on the type of product and the throughput required. When considering brine injection a third factor is very important and that is percentage of pickup (how much more will a piece of product weigh when the injection process is complete vs. before the brine injection process.

Promarksvac Corporation manufactures a complete line of brine injecting machines. Their MSK Series brine injectors range from the MSK-16 model with 16 needles standard in a spring loaded head to their MSK-195 with 195 needles in an air pressure controlled head. Some of the smaller to medium size models feature a walking beam system for product movement where the larger machines use a conveyor system for product movement. The smaller to medium sized models use a mechanical drive system to power the injection heads and product movement systems while the larger units make use of a robust hydraulic power system. All of their models feature # 304 stainless steel construction and a simple to use PLC / HMI control system (except model MSK-16 which uses analog controls). 


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Edward MathewsEdward Mathews
13:03 11 Jul 23
Been using Promarks for years! They are the absolute best, wouldn't think about using another company!The quality of their vacuum seal bags is unmatched.Customer service is amazing! Anytime I need parts or service on my equipment they make sure to get it taken care of ASAP.Thank you Promarks for all the continued support!
Chris MoyersChris Moyers
17:49 05 Jul 23
I’ve personally dealt with Rick Hurd on behalf of my company since about 2004, regarding both service of my equipment as well as supply. Rick is not only extremely knowledgeable about my equipment and machinery, he is also very accessible. If he doesn’t answer my actual call, which he usually does, he returns it in a timely manner.There have been times where we’re having an issue with equipment that needs to be dealt with immediately and Rick has been able to troubleshoot with me until resolution. I should probably mention my business is located on the East Cape in southern Baja California near the Cabo San Lucas area so it’s not like we can just call a technician who is ready at our convenience.With that, we’ve always been able to obtain necessary parts for all of our equipment and machinery, as well as a steady supply of vacuum pouches with ease through both Rick, as well as his wife Amber. In short, top notch company, top notch people. I highly recommend Promarks, especially Rick and Amber Hurd!
Rosie FlowersRosie Flowers
03:49 01 Jul 23
I have owned and operated two different companies and with both companies I have been giving all my business to Rick & Amber at Promarksvac. Not only do they supply us with all our vacuum pack bags, available in many different mils, but every vacuum pack machine we have has been purchased and maintained by Rick and Promarksvac. They are quick to service the machines…and incredibly flexible when I need them to deliver bags to a different address. Pricing is on point. Always friendly. No reason to go anywhere else. Stay with the best!
andrew kahngandrew kahng
02:32 01 Jul 23
Great company to work with! Rick has been excellent in his quick responses to servicing our machines and their technicians are knowledgeable and reliable. We've worked with Promarksvac for over a decade and would 100% recommend.
John SamczykJohn Samczyk
00:56 01 Jul 23
Rick and his team have given us excellent service on our four vac packers over the years, supplying us with parts and service than enable us to have machines that we can count on to keep production moving. Rick has always been available to help with troubleshooting and packaging solutions, and their parts department always gets anything we need shipped out to us right away.
Denis OratowskiDenis Oratowski
15:19 21 Jun 23
Rick and his team at Promark are a fast working team, ready to go the extra mile and understand that a machine down is time lost. They carry a significant amount of parts with them at all time.I’ve never had a problem, and they always back after workI highly recommend Promark for your vacuum needsDenis
Brett PerrottaBrett Perrotta
19:08 15 Jun 23
Rick Hurd was a pleasure to work for over 2-1/2 years until we shut down our facility in Los Angeles. He was very professional and prompt in regards to servicing our DC-640 Vacuum chamber.Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly.