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Standard Features:

  • PD-01 Basic Digital Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Clear See-Through Lid
  • Bladder Activated Sealing
  • Busch 08 Vacuum Pump
  • 4mm Flat Seal or Cut-Off Seal
  • Certified & labeled to meet UL, CSA & NSF


  • PNC-01 Microprocessor Control
  • Soft Air
  • Bi-Active Seal
  • Air Assist Sealing
  • Gas Flush System
  • Twin Beam Sealing

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The model TC-280F may be the smallest of the Promarks table top chamber vacuum sealers but it is engineered and manufactured to be an industrial quality machine. Both the housing and the vacuum cavity are constructed using all # 304 stainless steel as part of meeting the stringent NSF standards. As with all of the Promarks’ chamber machines the TC-280F also meets UL and CSA safety standards. Meeting the UL, CSA and NSF standards means these machines meet all the requirements for use in restaurants, delis, test kitchens and any other establishment that is inspected by the local or state authorities. The heart of any vacuum chamber machine is the vacuum pump and Promarks’ utilizes only Busch vacuum pumps in all models including the TC-280F (Busch 08 vacuum pump). The TC-280F is not only a rugged unit but an easy to operate machine as well. The standard PD-01 control panel allows you to select the vacuum time, gas flush time (if the unit is equipped with the optional gas flush system), seal time and cooling time by simply touching either the up arrow or the down arrow and the digital readout provides total accuracy. If your application can be enhanced by using preset programs, multi-stage gas flush or soft air venting then you can upgrade a TC-280F to the PNC-01 microprocessor control panel that allow for all of these features and many more.

Promarksvac has supplied TC-280F machines for the following applications:

  • Sous Vide
  • Pet food packaging
  • Test kitchens
  • Beef jerky packaging
  • Bio test labs ( Non validatable applications)
  • Many more