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Standard Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • BUSCH Vacuum Pump
  • Variable Speed
  • Continuous Vacuum
  • Reverse Discharge Function
  • 120V/1PH/60HZ


  • VoltageL 220V/1PH/60HZ

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Promarks’ table-top series of vacuum tumblers consists of compact 20 and 40-pound models that are ideal for restaurants, small meat operations and testing facilities. Do not be fooled by their small size; with a stainless steel frame and extra-thick Plexiglas lid, these tumblers are not toys. They are built to last and to give you the efficient service you demand.

With our “Easy Mesh” drive system, the drum can quickly be removed from the base for convenient loading and cleaning. The removable tumbling fins along with the highly polished internal surface, makes the clean-up process quick and effective. Standard features include an analog vacuum gauge, liquid trap separator, removable one-piece gasket and built in vacuum pump.

The variable speed drive allows the operator to adjust the speed of the drum for optimal results. With our unique pivoting vacuum valve located on the lid there is no need to disconnect the vacuum hose prior to tumbling. The goal when designing our table top series was to incorporate as many features that are normally, only seen on larger vacuum tumblers.

Operation is simple!

  • Step 1: Load your product and liquid into the drum.
  • Step 2: Clamp down the lid.
  • Step 3: Hook up hose and turn on vacuum.
  • Step 4: Set timer for desired tumble time.
  • Step 5: Once desired vacuum level is reached shut off vacuum switched and close valve on lid (no need to remove vacuum hose).
  • Step 6: Turn on tumbling motor and adjust speed of rotation.
  • Step 7: Walk away until cycle is complete.


TM 20 40




Machine Manual is Available here