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Standard Features:

  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • In place sensor for the vacuum hose will not allow the drum to turn with the vacuum hose connected
  • Analog Vacuum Gauge
  • Analog timer for mixing time
  • Frequency motor drive for precise control of mixing speed
  • Busch vacuum pump


  • Custom voltage

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Promarksvac TMC Series vacuum tumblers are high quality, all stainless steel (# 304 food grade) machines that utilize non continuous vacuum operation. Operation is simple. Once the unit is loaded with product, an external vacuum hose is connected to a vacuum port on the outside of the drum and once connected the vacuum pump is switched on allowing the drum to be evacuated. Once the desired vacuum level is reached, the valve on the vacuum port is closed, the pump is turned off, and the vacuum hose is stored back in place. Then, the mixing switch is tuned on and the drum will now turn for the amount of time set on the analog timer. These machines present any processor with a robust and economical solution to their vacuum marinating needs.


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